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Savor the Essence of Gujarat

Indulge in Authentic Homemade Gujarati Delicacies, Crafted with Love and over 40 Years of Culinary Heritage.

About us

Experience the true essence of Gujarati cuisine in our small, family-run business. Fueled by our love for home-cooked food, we embarked on a mission to fill the gap for authentic Gujarati options in our community. Serving Tracy, Mountain House, and Lathrop areas, we cater to working professionals, college students, and private events alike. With a focus on homemade goodness, we bring the flavors of Gujarat straight to your plate.

Join us in savoring the rich tapestry of Gujarati delights and indulge in the comforting taste of home. Let us cater to your cravings and make every meal a flavorful experience you won’t forget.

Weekly Menu

The menu changes every week. Here is what is on the menu for this week

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